Welcome to Sarton Records. We buy and sell records & cd's. 

There's a large collection of  mostly pre-owned records in our shop in all genres; Pop, Rock, Hardrock, Blues, Nederpop, Americana, Soundtracks, Reggae, World, Klassiek, Jazz, Hiphop, Funk, Soul, Disco etc. 

We're located in Amsterdam-East, Betondorp. 


Sarton Records

Brink 30/32   1097TW Amsterdam

tel: 06-37117244  info@sartonrecords.nl


Opening Hours:

Monday:             Closed

Tuesday:            Closed

Wednesday:      11:00- 18:00

Thursday:            Closed

Friday:                 11:00- 18:00

Saturday:            11:00- 17:00

Sunday:              Closed